Francesco Bacone

“Nature is only commanded by obeying it”

Sedes Group has drawn up its Environmental Policy aware of their interaction with the environment. Precisely for this reason, since 1995, it has a cogeneration plant that allows it to produce both electricity and heat in a single integrated system by using a single energy source.
Cogeneration, better known as CHP (Combined Heat Power), is to significantly reduce emissions of gases that are harmful to the atmosphere and the warming of the earth, thanks to lower fuel consumption.


Sedes has created its own environmental strategy by using the “PRINCIPLE OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”. This principle states that the resolution of questions involving all aspects of environmental protection is to be sought in ensuring both the functioning and the evolution of natural ecosystems.

The environmental strategy of Sedes foresees to:

  • Develop research and to introduce new techniques and technologies to reduce the environmental impact of its activities;
  • Systematically and continuously assess their own programs of self-control and verification;
  • Launch programs for internal recycling;
  • Promote the efficient use of company resources;
  • Involve and to place the responsibility of this issue on their employees;
  • Comply with all applicable European, national, regional, provincial and municipal regulations regarding the environment.
  • From 2012 Sedes produces alternative energy through solar panels.

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