The company, organized through management by processes, planned and governed by objectives and resources, manages all internal and external activities, in order to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency in time. The systematic evaluation of the performance indicators (qualitative and financial) guarantees the reliability of the product and the service provided, depending on customer satisfaction. The culture of continuous improvement and enhancement of resources, are the basis of successful entrepreneurship that distinguishes Sedes Group internationally.


 Research and development as the beating heart” of Sedes Group. The Group has identified the search not only the tool to increase the knowhow needed to ensurequality solutions to their customers, but also the opportunity to advance methodologies and technologies promoted by the global market. The goal of Sedes Group and itsprofessionals focuses not only on maintaining the current efficiency levels, but also on increasing their productivity, both of the objectives pursued by the containment of management risks, and the impact of energy consumption environmental. All this is achieved thanks to the Sedes Group collaboration with Standard Bodies, Research Laboratories and Universities.

Institutions of certifications and regulations


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