Constant Power Heating Cable

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The main feature of this type of cable is an uniform specific
charge on its entire length, granting the possibility to manage
the specific power independently from the required cable
Constant power cables are manufactured winding the
heating wire to the phase and neutral wires on which an antilaceration
silicone is extruded.
A 10mm section of the insulation is removed each 500mm
creating the electrical contact, the external silicone is
transparent to enable the detection of the cut points. The
product is provided wound in coils, to be cut and finished
according to the specific needs with the kit of accessories,
which can be provided with the product.
A special metal braid can be added on the external insulation
to protect the cable from mechanical stress and improve its
thermal distribution. It can act as well as grounding.

Main benefits

  • High flexibility
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Fits perfectly wide surfaces to be heated
  • Limited diameters (3.5mm)
  • Easy finishing and installation
  • Provided in coils
  • Highly customizable

Insulation Silicone  
Class I o II  
Working Temperature -30°C ÷ +200°C  
External Diameter 4,5 mm x 6,0 mm   
Ground Connection Optional   
Supply Voltage 12v ÷ 230v   
Max. Specific Charge 12V ÷ 50W/m  
Freeze Zone  Incorporate or cable  
Terminals Several   
Lengths 0,1 m ÷ 40 m  
TESTS EN 60335-1 e/and EN 50106



  • Food & Catering (Chocolate machines – Refrigerating cases + blast chillers)
  • Air conditioning (compressor crankcase heaters);
  • Construction (frost protection and heating for pipes, valves, snowmelt system gutters and ramps – Deicing and floor heating – Heated benches – Defrosting melt snow;
  • Incubators, aquariums, terrariums, greenhouses, germinatoi (heating greenhouses, aquariums and terrariums)
  • Medical (Celle mortuary)
  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration (evaporators defrosting refrigerators for industrial, commercial and domestic – Pore and defrost doors, windows and cold storage – Ice cream machines);

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