Electric Floor Heaters

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The electric floor heaters are used in cold storage rooms and on the refrigerator door. They are placed on the interior and exterior door, in order to prevent the “dispersion of cold” during the opening and closing of the doors, which creates ice on the floor. Ice can cause leaks on the floor and also make people slip. The mat is waterproof, it is made of anti-alkaline fabric and can be cut to fit in all spaces.
Sedes Group provides a roll ready for laying.

Main advantages

  • Excellent adaptation to complex surfaces
  • Opportunity to work submerged or in
    environments with high humidity
  • Easy to install
  • The mat is produced in rolls, and is available
    with and without reserve circuit

Insulation  Silicone  
Class I o II   
Working Temperature -30°C· +180°C   
External Diameter (Ø)   1.6 mm · 6.0 mm  
Metal Protection Optional   
Supply Voltage 5V · 400V   
Max. Specific Charge 20W/M    
Terminals  Tips or Faston   
Lengths 5,6 m ÷ 24m   
Width 0,5 m   
TESTS EN 60335-1 e/and EN 50106

  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration (avoid breaking the plans, prevent slippage).

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