Etched Foil

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Flexible ultra-flat heaters are produced using etchedfoil
technology on a silk-screened circuit, which is then
coupled with insulating materials such as silicone, polyester, polyimide (kapton®), teflon and mica, depending on operating temperatures.
The heaters can be realized according to customer
specifications, can be provided with adhesive, either on
one or both sides, completed with connectors, connection cables, control thermostats, limiters, sensors, NTC probes, PT100, probe support pockets, diodes, slots, etc.

Main advantages

  • Adaptability to flat and curved surfaces
  • High flexibility
  • Good thermal distribution over the whole heating surface
  • Reduced thickness
  • Differentiated powers
  • Easy installation

Insulation Polyester  Silicone  Polymide 
Class I / II  I / II    I
Working Temperature -20°C ÷ +110°C   -30°C ÷ +180°C  -20°C ÷ +250°C 
Insulation Minimum Thickness 0,2 mm    0,8 mm 0,1 mm  
Supply Voltage  5V ÷ 400V  5V ÷ 400V   5V ÷ 400V  
Max. Specific Charge 0,2W/cm²   2,0W/cm²  2,5W/cm² 
Electrical Connection  Cable or faston  Cable or faston Cable or faston 
Thermal Regulation Thermostat or limiter  Thermostat or limiter  Thermostat or limiter 
Lengths in mm  2000×600   2000×600  2000×600
Fastening (Optional) Adhesive Adhesive Adhesive
Terminals (Optional) Pin or faston Pin or faston Pin or faston
TESTS EN 60335-1 e/and EN 50106


  • Industrial applications (Presse heated – Conveyor belts – ovens, paint ovens, hot rooms – Moulds – brake equipment (cranes, lifts) – Packaging – Laundry / Dye
  • Food & Catering (Food warmer – Bain marie, hot plate heated -Flat surfaces – Range hoods – Insulated Box – Chocolate machines – Pasteurization)
  • Appliances (coffee machines – Small appliances (yoghurt makers, slow cooker, bottle warmers, hot plates) – Electrical Trouser press – Distributors of drinks)
  • Construction (Electric Baseboard – Heated benches – Lifts: photocells – Museums, places of worship, historic buildings renewable energies (wind, solar thermal, photovoltaics, biomass)
  • Incubators, aquariums, terrariums, greenhouses, germinatoi (incubators for animals – Heating greenhouses, aquariums and terrariums – Avicultura, Livestock)
  • Wellness & Beauty (cosmetic sector – saunas – swimming pools – hot tubs – electric blankets – heated loungers – wax heater – diet groups – Anticondensa bathroom mirrors – Radiators bathroom furniture)
  • Medical (ultrasonic cleaning tanks – Medical and Laboratory Equipment – Autoclave Sterilizers – Incubators – Dental Industry – Nebulizers – Humidifiers)
  • Sport (Fitness: heated floor mat – Skiing: boots – Pool Table
  • Clothing (jackets, gloves, boots and heated ski boots)
  • Textile (steam generators, Print)
  • Automotive and Transportation (car and truck rear view mirrors – Railway: cars, trucks, trade – motorcycle accessories: saddles, knobs, turn signals, lights, mat legs
  • Navale (heating diesel – heating cabins – Anticondensa switchboards)
  • Telecommunications and equipment (antennas for telecommunications – Anticondensa for equipment and electrical panels – meteorological instruments (anemometer, rain gauge, barometer, etc.)
  • Air conditioning (machines for conditioning – compressor crankcase heaters – Heating and keeping the temperature for drums, cylinders, tanks, hoppers, etc.)
  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration (evaporators defrosting refrigerators for industrial, commercial and domestic – Pore and defrost doors, windows and cold storage – Ice cream machines – condensate collection trays

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