Flexible Heating Cable

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The flexible heating cables are manufactured by winding a heating wire around a fibreglass core. They can be insulated with different materials such as silicone, PVC and fibreglass. The selection of the materials depends on the working temperature.
It is possible to add a special metal braid on the external insulation to protect the cable from mechanical stress and improve its thermal distribution. The metal braid acts as well as grounding.
The possibility to differentiate the specific charge within the hot area, enables to obtain different temperatures in different parts of the same item.
The technology with incorporated cold parts is available as well.

Main benefits

  • High adaptability to complex surfaces such as cavities, tubes, etc.
  • Possibility to operate immersed or in environments with high humidity
  • Easy installation
  • High design customizability
  • Wide range of terminals, plugs or other special connections

Insulation PVC Silicone Fiberglass
Class I I I
Working Temperature -30°C ÷ +90°C -30°C ÷ +180°C -30°C ÷ +300°C
External Diameter 1,6 mm ÷ 6,0 mm 1,6 mm ÷ 6,0 mm 2,4 mm ÷ 6,0 mm
Ground Connection Optional Optional Optional
Supply Voltage 5v ÷ 400v 5v ÷ 400v 5v ÷ 400v
Max. Specific Charge 15W/m 40W/m 100W/m
Cold Part Incorporate or cable Incorporate or cable Incorporate or cable
Terminals Several Several Several
Lengths 0,1 m ÷ 40 m 0,1 m ÷ 40 m 0,1 m ÷ 20 m


EN 60335-1, EN 50106




  • Automotive and Transportation (Car wing mirror and trucks – Rail: cars, trucks, trade – motorcycle accessories: saddles, knobs, turn signals, lights, mat legs);
    Food & Catering (Refrigerating cases; Blast chillers – Water bath, Warm floors);
  • Air conditioning (machines for conditioning – Heater compressor crankcase oil);
  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration (Pore and defrost doors, windows and cold storage);
  • Construction (Anti-Ice and floor heating – Heated benches – Seat heaters – Museums, places of worship, historic buildings – Frost protection and heating for pipes, valves, snowmelt
  • system gutters and ramps – Defrosting melt snow);
  • Wellness & Beauty (Radiators bathroom furniture – cosmetic sector, saunas, swimming pools, hot tubs, electric blankets, heated loungers, wax heater, slimming groups);
  • Appliances (electric Trouser press – Ironing boards – Drink dispensers);
  • Industrial applications (conveyors)
  • Incubators, aquariums, terrariums, greenhouses, germinatoi (incubators for animals – Heating greenhouses, aquariums and terrariums – Avicultura, Livestock);
  • Medical & Biomedical (Incubators – Celle mortuary – Dialysis Equipment – Nebulizers – Humidifiers);
  • Sport (Fitness: heated floor mat – Pool table);
  • Clothing (jackets, gloves, boots and heated boots);

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