Heating Bands

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The drum heaters are a special application of etched-foil heaters with silicone insulation, feasible in a wide range of dimensions and powers, according to customer’s specifications. Heaters for standard drums are available at stock.
To enable the fastening, the silicone bands can be provided with adhesive, with hooks and springs or velcro.
A wide range of control thermostats, limiters, sensors, NTC probes, PT100, probe support pockets, diodes, slots, etc. is available to complete the heaters.

Main advantages

  • Adaptability to flat and curved surfaces
  • High flexibility
  • Good thermal distribution over the whole heating surface
  • Reduced thickness
  • Differentiated powers
  • Easy installation

Insulation Silicone  
Class I o II  
Working Temperature -30°C ÷ +180°C   
External Diameter 0,4 mm / 0,8 mm for class I  
Ground Connection Optional   
Supply Voltage 24V ÷ 400V   
Max. Specific Charge 1,0W/cm²  
Cold Part  Cable and Faston  
Terminals Termostat, Limiter or sensors  
Standard Models

(700×80) mm, Ø= 250 a 230V 400W

(880×75) mm, Ø= 300 a 230V 630W

(1100×100) mm, Ø= 380 a 230V 1000W

(1710×100) mm, Ø= 570 a 230V 1500W

TESTS EN 60335-1 e/and EN 50106


Air conditioning, heating and temperature conservation for
drums, cylinders, tanks, hoppers, industrial and food sector

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