Heating Cables on Aluminium Foil

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The flexible heating cable, produced with different types of insulating material depending on the operating temperature, can be thermowelded on aluminium foil or inserted between two aluminium foils so to improve the thermal exchange.
In order to enable quick application, the cable on aluminium foil can be provided with adhesive.
It can be completed with thermal regulators (thermostat, thermal fuse), different types of connection cables, terminals and specific connections.

Main benefits

  • High adaptability to flat and curved surfaces
  • Possibility to operate immersed or in environments with high humidity
  • Reduced thickness (max 4mm)
  • Easy installation
  • High customization based on customer specification

Insulation PVC  Silicone Fiberglass 
Class  I o II I o II I
Working Temperature -30°C ÷ +90°C  -30°C ÷ +150°C -30°C ÷ +150°C 
External Diameter 1,6 mm ÷ 6,0 mm  1,6 mm ÷ 6,0 mm  2,4 mm ÷ 6,0 mm 
Ground Connection Optional  Optional  Optional
Supply Voltage 5v ÷ 400v  5v ÷ 400v  5v ÷ 400v 
Max. Specific Charge  15W/m 40W/m 100W/m 
Freeze Zone  Incorporate or cable  Incorporate or cable Incorporate or cable
Terminals Several  Several  Several 
TESTS EN 60335-1 e/and EN 50106




  • Industrial applications (molds, heated floors);
  • Hostelleria (warmer – heated floors – Heating Hoods – Chocolate machines – Refrigerating cases + blast chillers);
  • Construction (heated benches – Seat heaters – Museums, places of worship, historic buildings)
  • Air conditioning (machines for conditioning – Heating and keeping the temperature for drums, cylinders, tanks, hoppers, etc.);
  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration (evaporators defrost refrigerators for industrial, commercial and domestic – Pore and doors defrost, display cabinets and cold rooms);
  • Medical (medical and laboratory instrumentation – Celle mortuary);
  • Wellness & Beauty (Radiators bathroom furniture – Cosmetic Industry – saunas – swimming pools – hot tubs – electric blankets – heated loungers – wax heater – slimming bands Small appliances (yoghurt makers, slow cooker, bottle warmers, hot plates)
  • Sports (skiing: ski boots)
  • Automotive and Transportation (car and truck rear view mirrors – motorcycle accessories: saddles, grips, arrows, lights, mat legs)
  • Telecommunications and equipment (telecommunication antennas)

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