Monoexit Heating Cable

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Monoexit heating cables represent a technologically advanced design of the flexible heating cables in silicone or PVC.
The main feature is that the supply is on one side, while the other end is sealed.
This technology enables to minimize installation time, wiring and replacement costs.
A special metal braid can be applied to the external insulation to protect the cable and improve thermal distribution.
It acts as well as grounding.
Hot parts with differentiated specific charge can be foreseen
on the same flexible resistance.

Main advantages

  • Minimise installation time and replacement cost
  • High flexibility
  • Fits perfectly to complex surfaces such as cavities, tubes, etc.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance
  • Fully hermetic to work immersed in water or in environments with high humidity
  • High design customizability
  • Wide range of terminals, plugs or other special

Insulation PVC  Silicone  
Class  I I  
Working Temperature -30°C ÷ +90°C  -30°C ÷ +180°C  
External Diameter (Ø) 5,0 mm 6,0 mm  
Ground Connection Optional  Optional   
Supply Voltage  1V ÷ 400V 1V ÷ 400V  
Max. Specific Charge  15W/m 50W/m  
Freeze Zone  Incorporate or cable  Incorporate or cable  
Terminals Several  Several   
Lengths 0,1 m ÷ 40 m  0,1 m ÷ 40 m  

TESTS EN 60335-1, EN 50106


  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration (evaporators defrosting refrigerators for industrial, commercial and domestic – Pore and defrost doors, cabinets and cold rooms – Frost protection and heating for pipes, valves, snowmelt system gutters and ramps – Defrosting melt snow);
  • Construction (Anti-Ice and floor heating)
  • Air Conditioning (machines for conditioning compressor crankcase oil heaters);
  • Incubators, aquariums, terrariums, greenhouses, germinatoi (heating greenhouses, aquariums and terrariums)

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