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Monotube sheathed heating elements are manufactured using a proven, effective technology, consisting of a heating wire insulated by magnesium oxide (MgO) inside a stainless steel tube sealed with vulcanizations (in standard or anti-laceration
silicone), which make the connections fully hermetic.
The main feature of these resistances is that their connections are both on one single side enabling easy, fast application.
The diameter proposed is 8.5mm; it can be manufactured according to the specifications of the customer.

Main benefits

  • Easy, fast assembly
  • Single exit
  • High adaptability in environments with high humidity
  • Excellent mechanic and corrosion resistance
  • High reliability over time
  • Wide range of terminations, joints, flanges, fastening systems and connections to ground

Insulation  MgO   
Class  I  
Working Temperature -50°C ÷ +250°C    
External Diameter (Ø)  6.5mm – 8.5mm  
Metal Braid   Optional  
Supply Voltage  24V ÷ 400V   
Max. Specific Charge 1.0W/cm²   
Cold Areas  Cables  
Terminals  Several  
Lengths 350mm – 5000mm   
TESTS EN 60335-1 e/and EN 50106



Industrial applications (heated presses, ovens and hot rooms, eating surfaces); catering (cold stores, chillers, bain-maries, ot surfaces);
air conditioning (conditioning machines); industrial and commercila refrigeration (defrosting of vaporators for industrial, commercial and domestic freezers,
rip trays); household appliances (ironing boards)

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