Self-Regulating Cartridge Heating (PTC)

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The self-regulating cartridge heaters contain a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) ceramic component.
The main feature of these components is self-regulation: they reach their maximum power with low temperatures and when the temperature increases, they reduce their consumption.
Self-regulation enables as well to avoid temperature
The PTC cartridge heater can be used fully immersed in
liquids or in free air.

Main advantages

  • High performances
  • No need of temperature controls
  • Energy savings
  • Fully hermetic
  • Easy, fast assembly
  • xcellent mechanic and corrosion resistance

Insulation MgO   
Class  I  
Working Temperature   -30°C ÷ +220°C  
External Diameter (Ø) 12,1 mm   
Ground Connection  Optional  
Supply Voltage  12V ÷ 265V  
Cold Areas Cables   
Terminals  Pin or faston  
Lengths  100mm ÷ 700mm  
TESTS EN 60335-1, EN 50106

X:SitoDisegniPTC1 Model (1)

X:SitoDisegniPTC2 Model (1)

Industrial applications (pressing equipment); catering (refrigerators,
temperature reducers); air conditioning (air conditioners, cranckase heaters); industrial and commercial refrigeration (drip trays); bathrooms
(towel rail heaters); household appliances (coffee makers, ice-cream makers).

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