Sheathed Heaters

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Tubular Sheathed Heaters are manufactured using a proven, effective technology, consisting of a heating wire insulated by magnesium oxide (MgO) inside a stainless steel tube and with vulcanizations (in standard or anti-laceration silicone), which make the connections fully hermetic.
These products are available with 6.5mm and 8.5mm diameter and can be shaped according to customer specifications.

Main advantages

  • High adaptability in environments with high humidity
  • Excellent mechanic resistance and to corrosion
  • High reliability over time
  • Wide range of terminations, joints, flanges, fastening systems and connections to ground.

Insulation  MgO  MgO
Class  I
Working Temperature 30°C ÷ +500°C  30°C ÷ +500°C 
External Diameter (Ø) 6,5 mm   8,5 mm 
Ground Connection  Optional Optional 
Supply Voltage  24V ÷ 400V   24V ÷ 400V 
Max. Specific Charge  3,0W/cm² 3,0W/cm² 
Cold Areas  Silicone cable Silicone cable 
Terminals  Pin or faston Pin or faston 
TESTS EN 60335-1, EN 50106


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Industrial applications (heated presses, ovens and hot rooms, heating surfaces); catering (food warmers, blast chillers, hot plates, bain-maries); air conditioning (conditioning machines); industrial and commercial refrigeration (defrosting of evaporators for industrial, commercial and domestic freezers, drip trays); household appliances (ironing boards).

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