Thick Film



Thick film heater is based on silk screening of conductive and resistive inks, which are deposited with different compositions and layers, depending on the electric specifications required, on materials such as PET and PVC.
This manufacturing process permits to design the heaters according to customer requirements.
Thick film technology makes the product very flexible, with limited dimensions, ensuring a high thermal uniformity as well as low energy consumption.
The high degree of customization is ensured by the possibility to apply adhesives, thermostats, probes, euro-plugs, wiring, etc.

Main advantages

  • Adaptability to flat and curved surfaces
  • High flexibility
  • Good thermal uniformity
  • Reduced thickness (max 2mm)

Insulation  PET  
Class  I or II  
Working Temperature  -20°C ÷ +80°C   
Min. Insulation Thickness 0.2mm   
Supply Voltage  1V ÷ 400V   
Max. Specific Charge Depending on the application  
Connections Cable or faston   
Thermal Regulation  Optional  
Terminals  Faston or plug  
Fastening  Adhesive  
Max. Dimension  600x500mm  
TESTS EN 60335-1, EN 50106



Work in progress…

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