ТЭНы погружные

ТЭНы погружные



The tubular heating elements are produced following the traditional and effective technology of the stainless steel wire insulated with magnesium oxide (MgO).
Immersion heating elements manufactured with a layer of PTFE material or lead, in order to protect them from the chemical attack of the highly corrosive liquids. Our products are manufactured with a tube having a diameter of either 8.5 mm or 11 mm, in accordance with our customer’s specifications. The heating elements can be equipped with a junction box: either polypropylene (plastic), cast iron or stainless steel.

Main advantages

  • Excellent resistance to corrosive liquids (with a high index of chemical aggressiveness)
  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Long service
  • Wide range of terminals, fittings, flanges, fixing systems
  • Heating element’s cover material: PTFE, pure lead, tin lead and antimony lead

Insulation MgO    
Class  I    
Working Temperature  8,5 mm – 11 mm    
External Diameter (Ø)  -30°C ÷ +500°C    
Covering PTFE, pure lead, lead with antimony or lead with tin    
Supply Voltage  110 v ÷ 380 v    
Max. Specific Charge  6,3W/cm²    
Cold Areas  On request    
Terminals  Optional    
TESTS EN 60335-1 e/and EN 50106

Work in progress…

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